MPro Max Life Insurance

Mpro Max Life Insurance is an Indian life insurance company that provides a comprehensive range of life insurance products for its customers. MPRO MaxLife Insurance is also known by the name Max New York Life Insurance, abbreviated as MNYL Insurance. Max Life Insurance is a joint venture, with an 80:20 ratio between Max Financial Services and Axis Bank.

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MPro Max Life is a private life insurance provider company that gives its customers the facility to purchase policies online and offline. And Maxlife always ensures that customers can buy policies sitting at home without involving any agents and can make any changes or updates to their policies on their own.

Company NameMax Life Insurance
IndustryFinancial Services and Insurance
Founder & ChairmanAnaljit Singh
MD & CEOPrashant Tripathy
OwnerMax Financial Services (80%) Axis Bank (20%)
Corporate OfficeGurugram (Haryana)
HeadquartersNew Delhi
Mpro Max Life Insurance
Mpro Max Life Insurance

What is mpro max life insurance?

Max Life Insurance mPro is one of the top insurance companies in India providing the best and most affordable plans. Max Life is ranked 18th among the top 100 best life insurance companies in India. As a result, the company’s customer base has also grown rapidly. And the company has carved out a strong position for itself in the insurance sector.

The mPro Maxlife Company provides the most affordable insurance plans for Indian customers, suitable for all life insurance policyholders. MaxLife ensures that every individual can purchase affordable life insurance policies for themselves and their families. and secure the future of their families economically.

How to Check Max Life Insurance Policy Details Using Mpro Login?

If you are a Max Life Insurance customer and wish to conveniently check your mPro Max Life insurance policy status details online, follow the steps provided below. By following these steps, you can easily view the status of your policy online with our assistance.

How to Check Max Life Insurance Policy Details Using Mpro Login
How to Check Max Life Insurance Policy Details Using Mpro Login
  1. Firstly, you need to have your policy number and registered mobile number on hand.
  2. Now, visit and check your Max Life policy details by entering your registered mobile number and policy number.
  3. You now need to enter your date of birth registered with the insurer, which you would have provided while purchasing the policy based on your documents.
  4. Now Click on the ‘Send OTP’ on the Button.
  5. Subsequently, enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  6. Now, you can access your account and check the details of your Max Life insurance policy.

MPro maxlifeinsurance com Contact Us

If you want to contact MPro insurers company, follow the steps we provide. With our assistance, you can easily connect with the MaxLife Mpro insurance company online from the comfort of your home using your mobile. By conveying your concerns, you can obtain a solution to your issues promptly.

Helpline No.+91 1860 120 5577, +91 0124 648 8900
Working Days & Time(9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday to Saturday)
Email Idservice[dot]helpdesk@maxlifeinsurance[dot]com
Contact usmaxlifeinsurance[dot]com/contact-us/

Policy Claim Information Using Max Life Insurance Mpro

You are a Max Life customer, and you want to initiate a policy claim or learn about your Policy Claim Information. Through Max Life Insurance Mpro, you can tracking of your life insurance policy claim and obtain information about your policy claim with the insurance company.

We have provided the Policy Claim Helpline Number and Email for the insurance company for your convenience. Through these, you can obtain your policy claim information via the customer service team of the company.

Maxlifeinsurance mPro Policy Claim Helpline Number:

Health+91 1860 120 5577, +91 0124 4219090
Individual+91 1860 120 5577, +91 0124 4219090
Group+91 7042698853

mPRO Maxlife Policy Claim Emails:


Through the provided Helpline Number and Company Emails, you can file a Policy Claim for your account. Alternatively, you can obtain the Policy Claim Information by reaching out to the customer service team at mpro maxlifeinsurance com

Is Max Life Insurance good or bad?

Maxlifeinsurance is a reputable insurance company known for offering the most cost-effective insurance policy plans in India. It’s worth mentioning that MaxLife holds the 18th position among the top 100 insurance plans in India, with the highest customer claims settlement ratio of 99.34% among all plans.

This means that the company is swift in settling the claims of the policyholder’s family in the unfortunate event of the insured’s demise. Therefore, Max life insurance is gaining trust and confidence from its customers, establishing itself as a reliable and strong player in the insurance sector.

Who is the MD & CEO of Max Life?

Max Life Insurance New MD & CEO
Max Life Insurance New MD & CEO : Founder & Chairman

As of the current time until 2023-24, Prashant Tripathy serves as the Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Max Life Insurance. He has been in office since January 1, 2019. The Founder and Chairman of Max Life Company is Analjit Singh.


In this article, we have provided information about Mpro Max Life insurance. We have given information about Mpro Max Life, Login, Contact Us and Policy Claim Information. By reading this article, you can better understand and utilize the services of MPro Max Life. This article has been written by Mr. Anikesh Kumar.

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Max Life Insurance Mpro Policy Plans Details

Mpro Maxlife Insurance provide the Savings Plan, Retirement Plans, Max Life Smart Secure Plan, Health Insurance Plans, Online Insurance Plans and policy.

What is Mpro Max life insurance?

Max life is the a india best life insurance, health insurance, education insurance company.

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